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    A travel/ling TCG
    Join and refer Sujini! (:

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    Card count: 1396
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    I joined Bon Voyage back in 2011 and went on hiatus in 2012. Subsequently, due to the lost of interest in websites, I went "offline" for some time. During that period, all my sites were hacked and there were no restorations as my webhost had changed servers. I have lost all my old logs but managed to retain my cards in my computer. I do have all coupons, currency and miscellany but I do not remember how many I have in total. So I shall "re-start" by having 1 of each. Sarah has kindly allowed me to come back from my hiatus with my old cards without my old logs (thank you so much! <3)
    Donation before hiatus 1 x images for one deck (surfing), 2 x sets of level badges, 1 x set of (5/3) buttons

Activity Log

22 August
- Mastered (fishandchips): hawaii18, hawaii20, bookcafes09, russia15, delphi03, russian17
- Mastered (honolulu): antarctica16, surfingpuzzle20, ricenoodlerolls18, samurai08, busan18, estonia18
- Mastered (jeju): surfingpuzzle17, surfingpuzzle18, watergardenpuzzle15, easterbunnies18, russian03, mtrushmore12
- Mastered (korean): surfing05, christchurch04, liverpool10, volcanoes18, jamaica05, surfing01
- Mastered (library): christchurch06, christchurch09, kimchi20, jeju01, greatwall20, seoul16
- Mastered (monorail): christchurch13, christchurch15, hindi12, florida18, crepes19, australia05
- Mastered (newyorkcity): christchurch17, christchurch18, notredame01, sistinechapel02, lumpia08, butterchicken20
- Mastered (postcards): christchurch19, christchurch20, roadsigns19, jackolanterns08, puto14, cinqueterre19
- Mastered (ramen): scubadiving02, scubadiving03, stonehenge08, grandprismaticspring20, ireland04, tokyodisneyland06
- Mastered (hieroglyphs): scubadiving13, scubadiving14, honolulu05, passports01, arabic10, oxforduniversity10
- Mastered (santorini): scubadiving05, scubadiving16, guyfawkesnight07, greatbarrierreef02, cemeteries06, sistinechapel10
- Mastered (japan): scubadiving18, scubadiving19, wales12, crepes11, poland10, croissants20
- Mastered (thunderstorms): scubadiving20, finland01, puto17, newjersey08, surfing17, salem15
- 12 May: surfingpuzzle01
- 9 July: liverpool11, cocacola10, srilanka01, statueoflibertypuzzle05, acropolis07, surfingpuzzle04
- 16 July: icecream02, mounteverest10, delays13, portugal17, japan10, surfingpuzzle06
- 23 July: lovepuzzle05, galway09, india16, chopsticks15, cemeteries18, surfingpuzzle07
- 30 July: philippines18, tajmahal03, cemeteries16, hotairballoons17, thenetherlands02, surfingpuzzle09
- 6 August: dogwalking12, cemeteries05, crepes01, goldengatebridgepuzzle09, edinburgh19, surfingpuzzle10
- 13 August: london11, okonomiyaki08, candyskulls01, cemeteries19, sydney07, surfingpuzzle12
- 20 August: baklava10, spanish20, baklava08, california16, airplanes04, surfingpuzzle13
- Card Claim: christmas1220, globes09, poland09, skiing07
- August Freebies: christchurch07, iceland18, finland13, tokyo01, globes14, surfingpuzzle08

04 June
- Spain's Sight: shrimpcocktail09, prohibition17, berlinwall03
- Malta's Movie: fortunecookies15, greatbritain14, delphi11
- Flore's Flag: spain16, curryfishballs02, easterbunnies14
- Philippines' Pick: $10
- France's Food: pavlova03, lima16, thailand17
- Tasman's Tic Tac Toe: sunsets01, kyoto11, cherryblossoms05, florida19, newyorkcity08
- 100 Cards Giveaway V.2: puto11, chinese04, lima07, thailandpuzzle16, banauericeterraces17
- June Freebies: skiing04, scubadiving01, salardeuyuni06, sphinx09, hundredislands19, skylines06, surfing06
- Queen's Question: lasagna15, notredame15

26 May
- Malaysia's Match: cardiff05, smores03
- Mozambique's Memory: cuba20, kilimanjaro11, brazil09
- Luxembourg's Language: scubadiving17, hieroglyphs16, zoo12
- Oceania's Outline: panettone05, circus17, grandprismaticspring10
- Qatar's Quote: africa09, sunhats02, delays07
- Colombia's Currency: rome18, kimchi13, cliffsofmoher15
- Finland's Forecast: buckinghampalace09, canada13, watermelon20, jackolanternpuzzle19, Choice Card Coupon
- Denmark's Doubles: africa09, beachballs17, diningout05, omurice08, smores03, snowcones10, spanish01, stpetersburg09, towerofpisa13, vatican16, versailles13, watermelon20 for broadway15, mounteverest03, kimchi07, newyorkpuzzle17, beaches06, jackolanternpuzzle07, hawaiianleis09, german11, mountfuji18, boston08, fishandchips14, sandiego11

24 May
- 2 January: surfing12
- 9 January: colosseum08, colosseum09, norwegian08, norwegian09, shanghai08, shanghai09, tiramisu08, tiramisu09, goldengatebridgepuzzle08, goldengatebridgepuzzle09, chicagopuzzle03, funfair04, machupicchu14, events07, events11, events13, antarctica20, antarctica09, antarctica10, surfing13, surfing08, surfing10, hawaii07, hawaii08, purikura02, puto06, salardeuyuni06, salardeuyuni07, greentea09, greentea10, thunderstorms15
- 23 January: volcanoes06, minnesota12, minnesota14, israel08, israel14, stpetersburg09, japan11, japan13, surfing18
- 3 February: couscous10, couscous11, dutch08, dutch09, greatbritain10, greatbritain11, istanbul03, istanbul04, reading09, reading10, roadtrips12, roadtrips16, santorini18, antarctica05, greentea08, santorini20
- 17 February: events55, globes15, globes19, broadway05, broadway06, slovenia15, slovenia18, sandcastles15, sandcastles16, santorini16, japan18, thunderstorms14, hieroglyphs20, antarctica08, greentea07
- 10 March: hindi13, hindi14, kerala14, kerala15, newdelhi08, newdelhi09, sari08, sari09, greentea06, scotland07, newzealand08, hawaiianleis10, antarctica02, thunderstorms07, hieroglyphs01, santorini15, events57
- Morocco's Map: fortunecookies11, newjersey19, surfing14
- Switzerland's Slots: cabins15, amazonriver09
- Zambia's Zoom: amsterdam03, circus18, moscow02
- Norway's Name: hongkong19, sari10, stockholm18
- Thailand's Trivia: newdelhi01, curryfishballs04, cedarpoint17
- Belize's Blur: neworleans10, tacos01, morocco03
- Bulgaria's Book: tokyodisneyland11, picnicking07, volcanoes03
- Paraguay's Passport: curryfishballs17, niagarafalls10, pyramidsofgiza08
- Costa Rica's Card: eiffeltower07, easterbunnies17, monorail20, santorini03, sydney16
- Hawaii's Hangman: bonfires02, finnish09, picnicking18, wontonsoup18, stonehengepuzzle14
- 100 Cards Giveaway V.2: christmas1218, roadsigns05, sweden01, smores07

10 May
- 24 March: applepie18, applepie19, glasgow01, glasgow09, samurai05, samurai06, winter04, hieroglyphs19, japan19, santorini13, antarctica19, thunderstorms18, samurai07, events58, events59
- 14 April: cabins11, cabins14, hotairballoons05, hotairballoons14, liverpool16, liverpool17, paella10, paella16, towerbridge10, towerbridge11, northamericabynightpuzzle17, northamericabynightpuzzle18, surfing04, salardeuyuni04, cherryblossoms04, greek04
- 100 Cards Giveaway: iceland11, spain17, hotchocolate03, blue18
- May Freebies: hieroglyphs02, switzerland12, greentea13, europebynightpuzzle06, hundredislands10, thunderstorms05
Easter Games
- Blackjack: hotdogs19, oxforduniversity04, toucanpuzzle19
- Poker: random card, random card
- Slots: stpetersburg09, lelouvre17, estonia17, choice card
- Puzzle: guyfawkesnight16, greentea16, snowmen20, choice card

08 May
- 28 April: falafel18, falafel19, jamaica12, jamaica14, kilimanjaro18, kilimanjaro19, miami03, miami04, japan06, kyoto04, chopsticks04, hieroglyphs13
- Malta's Movie: sistinechapel08, towerofpisa13, thailandpuzzle12
- Flore's Flag: california11, pumpkinpie08, sandiego18
- Philippines' Pick: $10
- Tasman's Tic Tac Toe: eggnog16, cherryblossoms09, goldengatebridgepuzzle18, greatwall07, lovepuzzle16
- Morocco's Map: wontonsoup19, oceanliners16, austria18
- Switzerland's Slots: neworleans15, hummus09
- Zambia's Zoom: spanish01, portugal10, hawaiianleis18
- Norway's Name: snowcones10, kerala20, paella09
- Thailand's Trivia: greentea05, seoul09, kimonos20
- Paraguay's Passport: dublin14, chicago10, newzealand05
- Costa Rica's Card: amazonriver20, fireworks04
- Hawaii's Hangman: gingerbreadhouse18, greatwall19, greece04
- Mozambique's Memory: trains06, cedarpoint15, losangeles05
- Luxembourg's Language: auroraborealispuzzle09, tokyotower19, gingerbreadhouse16
- Qatar's Quote: nicaragua01, banauericeterraces15, greece13
- Colombia's Currency: lasvegas14, stonehenge17, stpetersburg18
- Finland's Forecast: boracay06, santorini08, cinema14, $50
- Cyprus' Creation: beachballs17, friedrice11
- Easter Egg #1: bath18, vespa02, hindi12, Choice Card Coupon
- Easter Egg #2: lacrosse17, jeju05, satay13
- Easter Egg #3: $100
- Easter Egg #5: Choice Card Coupon, Special Choice Card Coupon

06 May
- Returned from hiatus with 909 cards and the following mastered: beachballs, beaches, flipflops, japanese, singapore



Trade Log

29 May
- [08] Traded Fina: my greatbritain11, cardiff05, cardiff12, cardiff13 for surfing03, surfing19, samurai16, cherryblossoms05 + member cards

28 May
- [25-04] Traded Suza: my hotdogs10, hotdogs14, hotdogs15, hotdogs19, japanese04 for hawaii09, samurai08, samurai15, salardeuyuni18, greentea03 + member cards
- [24] Traded Shalini: my hindi14, istanbul03, istanbul04, kerala15, kerala20, liverpool16, liverpool17 for surfing01, surfingpuzzle02, surfingpuzzle11, surfingpuzzle14, surfingpuzzle19, samurai03, samurai04
- [17] Traded Emily: my dutch08, buckinghampalace09, chicago10, greatbritain10, reading09 for antarctica13, surfingpuzzle03, greentea02, samurai11, samurai19 + member cards
- [12] Traded Tex: my berlinwall03, canada13, dublin08, dublin14, guyfawkesnight16, italian19 for hawaii03, salardeuyuni16, salardeuyuni20, greentea17, kyoto01, kyoto03 + member cards

26 May
- [06] Traded Catherine: my bubbletea01, bubbletea18, sandcastles15, sandcastles16 for greentea04, greentea18, surfingpuzzle05, surfingpuzzle15
- [02] Traded Amelie: my colosseum08, eiffeltowerpuzzle08, english09, english13, finnish09, finnish14 for hawaii02, hawaii06, hawaii14, surfingpuzzle16, samurai01, kyoto02


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