So... what should I say here? I'm terrible with "About Me" pages and here I am having an "About" page just because I want to fill up the links above ;p


I'm Sujini and I adore playing TCGs (: I started waaay back in 2007 and kept playing on/off again. Back then, the TCGs I was aware of were website-based and were updated manually. Everything was form-based and rewards were always handed via e-mail. I even dabbled at setting up my own TCG. It was HARD WORK D: Eventually I stopped for a few years and got back into it in 2011. But RL got in the way and I went on hiatus in 2012. I lost interest in maintaining my websites and they all got hacked >_< I got back into TCGs again in 2013 and a couple of owners have allowed me to return with my old cards even though I lost my logs. SO MUCH has changed! There is apparently a script called MyTCG and eTCG to make maintaining a TCG and trade post less of a hassle. As much as I agree with the (slight) ease of using eTCG, I still love to manually maintain my trade posts ^^;


Hello-Love.org was bought in 2009 with the intention of building a website about... well, about love (I know, cheesy :3) But for a few years, I didn't really do anything about it but let it sit with a "Coming Soon" page. When I decided to join TCGs again in 2011, I decided to use this domain for my trade post because, well, because I can? XD It would be nice if I could host other trade posts but my current webhosting plan is pretty limited. Perhaps I'll set up another domain name for hosting trade posts. Some day~