It's getting really busy so I'm splitting them into a few categories:

Much Love Love these TCGs to death and will play them no matter what

Pretty Active Playing them weekly/bi-weekly and will respond to trades within a week

Hiatus Either the TCG is on hiatus or I put myself on hiatus



Much Love



Pretty Active








Bon Voyage travel/ling, Brilliant trilogy, Champion manga heroes & villians, Choices Harry Potter, Cosmos nature, Cursed Once Upon A Time, Loser Like Me glee, Ponyo Studio Ghibli, Trading Academy manga/games artwork



Animalia animals, Bankai! BLEACH, Harmony anime scenes, Heartchu korean entertainment, Portfolio photoshoot, Small Screen TV, SuperSTAR korean entertainment



Capture photography, Colors anime/manga/game character, Elle females, Music Station Japanese music, Singles music video, Spree shopping, Swashbuckling males, TV World TV, Valimar Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit



Action! movie/TV, Adventure travel, Big Screen movies, Caboodle everything, Choices Harry Potter, CLAMPaign CLAMP, Delish food, Evolution animal, Glee Club glee, Gleeks glee, Idolize celebrity, In Motion animated movies, Into the West Lord of the Rings, Ketsuron anime, Namja Korean group, Oh Behave shopping, Paparazzi celebrity, Playlist music video, Replay Japanese music, Scrumptious food, Smitten relationships, The Five supernatural TV series, The Gray Havens Lord of the Rings, Together relationships, Toon Town cartoons



Amusing Animations Pixar, Animania 3D Animation, Candy Bar forgot, Divertissement forgot, Divinitas nature, Divinity bishounen, Double Power Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Eh? Canadian, Eternal Dreams anime, Eternal Hope movie, Fairytale forgot, Forever Young forgot (80s?), Happily Ever After forgot (Disney?), I Heart Orlando/ Orlando Bloom, La Musica music, Leaving Normal Roswell, Oh, La La! forgot, Only Hope Mandy Moore, Order of the Phoenix forgot (Harry Potter?), Serendipity forgot, Taking Roles TV/Movie characters, That's All Folks! cartoons, The Lords of Gondor forgot (Lord of the Rings?), Through The Pages forgot, Tokyo Cards anime, Trading Academy anime/manga/video game, Ultimate Lindsay Lohan, Visual forgot