Bon Voyage

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    A travel/ling TCG
    Join and refer Sujini! (:

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    Card count: 1396
    Card worth: 1406

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    I joined Bon Voyage back in 2011 and went on hiatus in 2012. Subsequently, due to the lost of interest in websites, I went "offline" for some time. During that period, all my sites were hacked and there were no restorations as my webhost had changed servers. I have lost all my old logs but managed to retain my cards in my computer. I do have all coupons, currency and miscellany but I do not remember how many I have in total. So I shall "re-start" by having 1 of each. Sarah has kindly allowed me to come back from my hiatus with my old cards without my old logs (thank you so much! <3)
    Donation before hiatus 1 x images for one deck (surfing), 2 x sets of level badges, 1 x set of (5/3) buttons





antarctica (20/20)

christchurch (20/20)

finland (11/20)

hawaii (20/20)

salardeuyuni (10/20)

scubadiving (20/20)

surfing (20/20)

surfingpuzzle (20/20)






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