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Brave I am Merida
Lilo and Stitch Aloha oe • He Mele No Lilo
Meet the Robinsons Goob's Story • Meet the Robinsons • The Science Fair
Monsters, Inc. Enter the Heroes • The Ride of the Doors • The Scare Floor
Toy Story 2 When She Loved Me
Up Married Life

Special Jack-Jack Attack (Pixar Short) • La Luna (Pixar Short) • Lilo and Stitch • Meet the Robinsons • Mike's New Car (Pixar Short)

The Incredibles New Super Suits
Lilo and Stitch Burning Love
The Little Mermaid Kiss the Girl
Sleeping Beauty I Wonder • Once Upon a Dream


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Lilo and Stitch: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride

Charmed: Stitch

Charmed: Aurora

Charmed: Summer 2013







yourworld06, yourworldre15, arielsinlove06, unfortunatesouls04, happyending11

hemelenolilo03, stuckonyou12, devilindisguise13, hawaiiancoaster03, alohaoe04


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Important note!
I joined So Magical back in 2011 and went on hiatus in 2012. Subsequently, due to the lost of interest in websites, I went "offline" for some time. During that period, all my sites were hacked and there were no restorations as my webhost had changed servers. I have lost all my old logs but managed to retain my cards in my computer. I do have all 3 fairy tokens but I do not remember how many I have in total. So I shall "re-start" by having 1 of each. Icera has kindly allowed me to re-join with my old cards without my old logs (thank you so much! <3)

8 December
Mad Hatters Shop (-30 fairyfauna, -30 fairyflora): pastoral103, pastoral104, pastoral106, pastoral108, pastoral110, dreamisawish05, elegantcpthook09, flotsamjetsam10, honortousall04, hunsattack08, notredamere13, nowayout14, phonyking01, princealire02, rescueaidsociety14, secondrate09, secretswim04, sugarplumfairy05, symphonyno510, thefates07
Illumination (December 2013): s-forthebirds03, s-hercules01, s-mawinniethepooh15, s-onemanband15, s-princessandthefrog02, fairyflora, fairyfauna, fairymerryweather, 1 illumination
Vote: s-aladdin15, s-hercules02
Basil of Baker Street: attherestaurant05, mermaidlagoon10, paintingtheroses09, stuckonyou14, tiggers02, walruscarpenter10, fairyfauna
Kuzcos Clothes: letsbellego11, springsong09, thekiss11, withasmile11, fairyflora
Lewis Lab: sallyssong01, westwing15
Peter Pans Puzzle: s-autumn1301, s-autumn1306, s-autumn1314
Quasimodos Quotes: fairiesplan07, intotheopenair15, mydarlings06, fairyfauna
Robin Hoods Relationships: learnmeright10, newcollar03, perfectsituation03, witchscottage12, fairyflora
Alices Analogy: plantation03, sothisislove10, topsyturvy01, worldofmyown08, fairyflora
Ariels Aria: jellyfishforest13, sallyssong15, wannahockaloogie14, fairyfauna
Cinderellas Cleanser: mindovermatter01, princewillcome02, riteofspring10, worldgoround07, fairymerryweather
Ladys Location: landsea03, lavaafternoon13, ontherooftop05, thestorm01, fairyfauna
Mulans Matchmaker: fairyfauna, fairyfauna, fairyfauna, fairyflora, fairyflora, fairyflora
Nalas Nomenclature: onceuponatime06, onceuponatime12, rollinthesoot06, tipdash11, s-autumn1307, fairyflora, fairyfauna

19 December
Basil of Baker Street: finalereprise13, myownhome12, sundayclothes01, thespaceship15, ticotico05, yodel04, fairyflora
Kuzcos Clothes: greatprince06, receptionatpalace09, wholenewworldre01, wholenewworldre15, fairyfauna
Lewis Lab: meg07, thedress14
Peter Pans Puzzle: s-blackcauldron03, s-chickenlittle12, s-daynight10
Quasimodos Quotes: allthehurry04, damselindistress11, newcollar08, fairyflora
Robin Hoods Relationships: cinderellasslipper11, logpuller10, maleficentappears14, thedress07, fairyflora
Chii: kingdomdance14 for s-autumn1303 (1 trade) 23/25

1 January
Illumination (January 2014): s-boundin06, s-emperorsnewgroove05, s-foxandthehound01, s-funandfancyfree13, s-rescuers07, fairyflora, fairyfauna, fairymerryweather, 1 illumination
Aristocats Acronym (3rd place): herculesvilla11, learnmeright11, thedress14, s-fantasia200004, s-onemanband13, fairymerryweather
Vanellopes Pixel (participant): s-boundin03, s-brotherbear07, s-burne11, s-lifted02, s-onemanband08, fairymerrweather
Hotaru: damselindistress11, meg07, s-yourfriendtherat02, s-yourfriendtherat05, s-yourfriendtherat14, s-mikesnewcar05, s-mikesnewcar15 for whenshelovedme09, hemelenolilo11, marriedlife10, marriedlife14, s-jackjackattack05, s-meettherobinsons01, rideofthedoors09 (7 trades) 5/25

27 January
Vote: s-cinderella05, s-funandfancyfree09

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