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    A korean entertainment TCG
    Join and refer Sujini! (:

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    Card count: 1610
    Hearts: 8400

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    BoA, Song Hye Kyo, Won Bin, Epik High

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    I'm a pretty easy trader ^^; Want something in my trading section but have nothing to offer in my collecting or keeping? Just send in a form and ask me to have a look at your trade post~ (input Cards You'll Give Me as blank00 for the form to work) I'm happy to hold the cards for you ^^; (but please let me know when you no longer need me to hold them so I may release them to my trade pile)

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    The BEST buddies I can ever have Yunnasu JeaHyun





christmas2013 (22/25)

epikhigh (11/20)

leeminho (15/20)

mv-eatyouup (7/20)

parkshinhye (15/20)

photo-cottoncandy (8/10)

sehun (10/20)

tablo (4/20)



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