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Card count: 943 (+ 30 member cards)

Collecting: amethyst, aurora, fog
Keeping: neptune, snowflakes, stars
Future: comets, kittens, summer, waves
Theme Decks: blue, water


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Theme Decks

Colour: Blue

Element: Water


Future Keeps

Not Actively Collecting

Random Wants

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Might Trade & Not Accepting Offers

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Trade Log

8 September
3 September: geodes08, geodes09, sanddunes06, sanddunes08, clownfish11
7 September: microart07, microart08, sunstone07, sunstone08, dogwoods08
Memory: diamond17, oceans16, 1 berry
Hangman: amazons01, earth20, moonstone01, 1 berry
Slots: bamboo13, pumpkins09, roses07
War: neptune19, tigers01, 1 berry
wheel (orange): baobabs05, clover06
Guess: mars13, spiderwebs03, 1 berry
Freebies: fossils15, pollen16, pumpkins11, 1 earth orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: cacti03, dawn09, waves15, 2 berries, 1 medium star
Science: bluenilefalls14, puppies09, winter17, 1 berry, 1 small star
Fact: icebergs08, meadows15, sanddunes18, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Microscope: amethyst19, mangoes18, microart12, 1 air orb, 1 berry
Jigsaw: eclipses06, wisteria13, 1 air orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: bamboo11, dogs03, dogwoods17, 1 water orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: doves16, glassbeaches11, 1 berry, 1 small star
Smudged: aquamarine06, baobabs16, 1 berry, 1 small star
Mermaid (not Orla): dogs11, rhodochrosite11, sanddunes20, 1 berry
Mermaid (not Orla): flamingoes11, greenjade12, saturn08, 1 berry
Mermaid (Orla): clouds03, kittens18, stars15, 5 berries, 1 small star
the feud: diatoms08, seahorses04, dustmites04, strawberries13, saturn08, 1 earth orb
doubles exchange: aquamarine06, bamboo13, cacti03, daisies07, diamond17, diatoms08, eclipses06, mangoes18, neptune19, oceans16, puppies09, saturn08, spiderwebs03, stars15, tigers13 for baldeagles17, citrine17, diamond09, glassbeaches02, owls07, pansies12, tanzanite04, ametrine13, dogwoods13, icebergs01, lakes16, lightning03, mangoes02, mists06, ametrine07
weekly staff pay: blackbears09, garnet20, mounthood17, polarbears10, pufferfish09
weekly staff pay: autumn06, forests15, islands12, seahorses14, tigers13
Group Collect: nileriver14, flamingoes07, earth03, tornadoes18, mists15, aurora14
Hotaru: icicles01, icicles04, ponies12, ponies14, ponies15, snow04, snow20, sujini01 for kittens15, dawn01, dawn12, dawn14, dawn15, nebulae15, sunsets17, hotaru01 (8 stamps, 14/25)

28 September
14 September: moonlight07, moonlight18, greatbarrierreef08, greatbarrierreef10, deer08
21 September: salardeuyuni06, salardeuyuni04, ivy06, ivy07, redpoppies09
Memory: puppies03, spiderwebs13, 1 berry
Hangman: baldeagles03, gold19, hydrangeas16, 1 berry
Slots: arctichills12, baldeagles19, kunzite16
wheel (orange): giraffes15, mercury10
Lucky Match: aurora15, oceans17, rabbits14, sakura02, 1 berry
Guess: elephants10, strawberries10, 1 berry
Freebies: dogs08, jupiter07, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Science: kolipark08, saturn13, wildfires14, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Fact: dogwoods01, hibiscuses14, winter18, 1 berry, 1 small star
Microscope: forests09, puppies05, sun05, 1 earth orb, 1 berry
Gemology: amethyst08, mangoes05, spring12, 1 berry
Jigsaw: diamond15, seashells10, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: nebulae03, poisondartfrogs13, rosequartz07, 1 earth orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: lavender20, salardeuyuni15, 1 berry, 1 large star
Inkblot: icicles07, jaguars11, jupiter15, 1 berry
doubles exchange: icicles07, jupiter15, kunzite16, peaches17, poisondartfrogs13, puppies03, sakura02, spiderwebs13, strawberries10 for bromeliads02, caves03, greenjade10, hummingbirds04, monarchs01, moonstone17, ruby14, sunstone09, lapislazuli01
weekly staff pay: hydrangeas02, kunzite16, rain17, salardeuyuni07, sapphire08
weekly staff pay: fossils13, malachite18, nebulae12, peaches17, polarbears04
Natural Wonders Shop (- 10 berries)
Star Chart: Virgo
Hotaru: geodes09, sujini02 for galaxies12, hotaru02 (2 stamps, 16/25)
Gosia: forests12, forests14, forests15, lilacs02, lilacs12, meadows18, meadows19, sujini02 for fog06, fog17, galaxies06, galaxies19, neptune10, comets07, kittens15, gosia02 (8 stamps, 24/25)
Sponge: bamboo06, bamboo11, bamboo12, bamboo13, sanddunes06, sanddunes08, volcanoes02, volcanoes05, volcanoes06, volcanoes14, bamboo04, sujini01 for stars01, stars08, fog03, sapphire01, sapphire11, amethyst12, dawn02, sunsets02, nebulae05, snow12, snow18, sponge01 (12 stamps, 11/25)

7 October
weekly staff pay: baobabs10, fog04, oceans07, pansies07, rabbits06, 1 air orb
weekly staff pay: geodes01, lovebirds15, mangoes17, rainbows01, sagiso04, 1 air orb

21 October
weekly staff pay: hibiscuses20, moss10, pandas11, redpoppies02, roses03, 1 air orb
weekly staff pay: diamond01, elephants01, hydrangeas20, silver18, snow02, 1 fire orb

4 November
weekly staff pay: diamond08, hibiscuses14, lunamoths05, mists05, saturn08, 1 earth orb
weekly staff pay: fog11, gold12, goldfish10, sanddollars03, sandgrains03, 1 earth orb

18 November
weekly staff pay: dogwoods05, frozenlakes19, lapislazuli15, malachite11, sanddollars15, 1 fire orb
weekly staff pay: beehiveginger11, cocoa02, kunzite15, lovebirds05, nebulae04, 1 earth orb

2 December
weekly staff pay: blueberries06, carnelian12, clouds20, meadows08, pigs13, 1 fire orb
weekly staff pay: amber15, earth10, mists15, rabbits05, rainfrogs14, 1 air orb

23 December
weekly staff pay: aurora08, grapes13, hydrangeas15, pigs16, ponies04, 1 earth orb
weekly staff pay: doves04, doves18, flamingoes05, moonstone10, rainfrogs05, 1 air orb
weekly staff pay: dustmites15, hummingbirds10, kunzite18, moss07, mounthood05, 1 air orb

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