May 2013

17 May
starter pack: oceans07, oceans08, oceans09, snowflakes05, diamond17, ladybugs12, wheat11, forests02, lightning15
Memory: malachite15, ponies04, spring10, 1 berry
Hangman: oceans12, pearls04, tornadoes09, 1 berry
Slots: daisies10, ladybugs10, pansies20, 1 large star
War: tornadoes20, wheat08, 1 berry
wheel (orange): grandcanyon14, peridot12
Guess: bamboo18, kunzite06, 1 berry
Freebies: bleedinghearts19, moss19, yosemite16, 1 earth orb, 2 berries

20 May
Memory: dawn03, pearls12, seahorses18, 1 berry
Hangman: daisies04, daisies17, dogs05, 1 berry
Slots: peaches05, swamps14, wisteria02, 1 small star
wheel (red): daisies18, wheat14
Guess: daisies07, stars16, 1 berry
Freebies: bats17, dogs15, sunshine19, 1 air orb, 2 berries
Gosia: dogs05, dogs15 for stars03, lightning07 (2 stamps, 2/25)

26 May
Memory: clover07, grandcanyon03, wheat06, 1 berry
Hangman: snowflakes07, spiderwebs18, swamps01, 1 berry
Slots: horses12, jupiter09, roses02, 1 small star
wheel (orange): malachite20, tornadoes18
Lucky Match: autumn06, eclipses20, peaches17, tigers01, 2 berries
Guess: autumn13, bats16, 1 berry
Freebies: clover03, diamond12, diamond13, 1 earth orb, 2 berries

June 2013

3 June
Birthday: daisies20, jellyfish14, stars04, swamps07, tanzanite12, wisteria17, 2 earth orbs, 10 berries, 1 large star, 1 medium star
Memory: aurora01, deserts11, ladybugs04, 1 berry
Hangman: roses20, snowflakes06, waterbears19, 1 berry
Slots: dragonflies17, tigerlilies12, waterbears05, 1 small star
wheel (orange): ladybugs12, pearls04
Guess: oceans19, ruby15, 1 berry
Freebies: cacti09, diamond08, pansies06, 1 earth orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: cacti08, rhodochrosite10, sunflowers19, 2 berries, 1 small star
Science: flamingoes02, kunzite03, moss15, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Fact: greenjade15, peaches11, spiderwebs03, 1 berry, 1 large star
Microscope: aurora19, dogs19, ponies18, 1 air orb, 1 berry
Gemology: deserts16, earth02, snowflakes01, 1 earth orb, 1 berry
weekly staff pay: bleedinghearts20, peaches07, pearls04, stars15, sunflowers13

4 June
Lethe: pansies06, pansies20, sujini00 for aurora07, aurora16, lethe00 (3 stamps, 5/25)

6 June
Gosia: swamps01, swamps14, sujini00 for aurora15, snowflakes09, gosia00 (3 stamps, 8/25)
Meg: tigerlilies12, tigers01, sujini00 for oceans02, oceans16, meg00 (3 stamps, 11/25)

10 June
Memory: bleedinghearts08, deserts18, sunshine09, 1 berry
Hangman: seahorses10, seahorses15, stars16, 1 berry
Slots: dolphins14, doves14, spiderwebs20
War: dogs08, lakes11, 1 berry
wheel (orange): forests17, puppies03
Guess: bleedinghearts12, waterbears10, 1 berry
Freebies: clover18, tornadoes19, yeast15, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
weekly staff pay: bleedinghearts19, islands15, islands17, jellyfish07, jupiter02

15 June
Gosia: swamps07, sujini01 for snowflakes03, gosia01 (2 stamps, 13/25)

18 June
16 June: beaches09, beaches10, icicles04, icicles07, mars10, mars11, amethyst05, amethyst10, cheetahs03, grackles08
Referral: 2 choice coupons
Memory: bamboo06, lightning18, rainbows15, 1 berry
Hangman: deserts15, hibiscuses09, puppies11, 1 berry
Slots: rainbows12, yeast13, yosemite16
War: amber08, tomatoes01, 1 berry
wheel (orange): daisies05, dawn19
Lucky Match: autumn07, beaches18, snowflakes12, sunshine05, 2 berries
Guess: deserts02, horses07, 1 berry
Freebies: flamingoes03, pollen10, yeast07, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: daisies13, pansies04, wisteria05, 2 berries, 1 large star
Science: beaches15, deserts08, waterbears03, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Fact: doves17, puppies14, wisteria03, 1 berry, 1 small star
Microscope: deserts01, dolphins08, ponies12, 1 water orb, 1 berry
Gemology: bamboo04, bamboo13, tanzanite02, 1 fire orb, 1 berry
Jigsaw: sunshine18, tornadoes19, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: rainbows15, rhodochrosite15, ruby14, 1 air orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: polarbears01, tomatoes16, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Smudged: flamingoes05, spring01, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Inkblot: grandcanyon14, roses15, spiderwebs04, 2 berries, 1 small star
weekly staff pay: conifercones07, islands14, mars07, moss01, pansies13
Group Collect: donated pansies13
Cathy: earth02, tornadoes09, tornadoes19, tornadoes20 for snowflakes18, islands08, sunshine12, sunshine13 (4 stamps, 17/25)
RedRarebit: tornadoes18, tornadoes19, sujini00 for stars09, beaches06, redrarebit00 (3 stamps, 20/25)

22 June
Rahenna: rhodochrosite10, rhodochrosite15, ruby15, peridot12, sujini00 for aurora11, beaches15, amethyst02, amethyst08, rahenna00 (5 stamps, 25/25)

24 June
22 June: winter06, winter07, waves10, waves12, volcanoes05, volcanoes06, twilight08, twilight09, saturn07, saturn08, nebulae10, nebulae11, monarchs06, monarchs07, meadows07, meadows08, fog10, fog11, dandelions06, dandelions08
Memory: antarctica08, peaches20, 1 berry
Hangman: pearls15, spiderwebs13, tigers05, 1 berry
Slots: seahorses06, sundews19, wheat11
War: oceans09, tomatoes10, 1 berry
wheel (blue): 5 berries
Lucky Match: ametrine15, garnet01, roses15, stars20, 1 berry
Guess: greenjade12, peaches18, 1 berry
Freebies: dandelions02, llamas20, wildmushrooms02, 1 water orb, 2 berries
Jigsaw: flamingoes05, fog19, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: daisies19, tigers08, waves05, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: beaches17, greenjade20, 1 berry, 1 small star
Smudged: aurora02, ladybugs06, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Inkblot: ametrine17, autumn01, seahorses15, 2 berries, 1 large star
doubles exchange: bleedinghearts19, flamingoes05, grandcanyon14, ladybugs12, pearls04, roses15, seahorses15, wheat11, yosemite16 for amethyst20, bleedinghearts11, callalilies14, fog15, islands09, lakes20, monarchs06, rainbows08, tanzanite16
weekly staff pay: amethyst05, blackbears18, dawn03, deserts07, snowflakes17
Star Charts (gemini, - 3 medium stars, 5 small stars): oceans06, oceans10, 1 earth orb, 1 fire orb, 2 air orbs
Gosia: horses07, horses12, ponies18 for oceans14, beaches11, beaches17 (3 stamps, 3/25)

29 June
Group Collect: tornadoes03, bleedinghearts06, antarctica12
Group Collect: donated moss01, moss19
Michelle: dogs08 for oceans01 (1 stamp, 4/25)
Elysa: meadows07, meadows08, winter06, sujini00 for nebulae14, waves09, waves11, elysa00 (4 stamps, 8/25)

July 2013

1 July
29 June: aquamarine08, deadsea04, deadsea08, galaxies04, galaxies08, snowdrops03, snowdrops04, kittens09, kittens18, rain16
Memory: garnet08, pansies09, 1 berry
Hangman: amethyst08, eclipses10, yeast10, 1 berry
Slots: clover17, jellyfish07, rhodochrosite06
wheel (blue): 5 berries
Guess: bamboo12, kunzite11, 1 berry
Freebies: garnet06, hibiscuses19, stars07, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: forests12, meadows06, rhodochrosite17, 2 berries, 1 small star
Science: dolphins15, oceans13, swamps18, 1 berry, 1 large star
Fact: deadsea17, octopuses18, peridot10, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Microscope: amethyst15, flamingoes03, hedgehogs19, 1 earth orb, 1 berry
Gemology: deadsea17, puppies15, viruses09, 1 air orb, 1 berry
doubles exchange: deadsea17, flamingoes03, jellyfish07, monarchs06 for ametrine02, fog04, rhodochrosite14, spiderwebs02
weekly staff pay: antarctica09, cardinals13, hedgehogs06, oceans08, ponies15

4 July
Lauchis: aquamarine08, eclipses20, mars11, saturn07, saturn08, wisteria03, wisteria05, stars16, sujini00 for polarbears07, icicles02, icicles12, islands07, lakes13, lakes14, lightning08, sunshine10, lauchis00 (9 stamps, 17/25)

10 July
6 July: caves08, caves17, fluorite06, fluorite07, snow04, snow08, waterfalls01, waterfalls08, diatoms07, diatoms09
Memory: aquamarine06, tigers15, 1 berry
Hangman: swamps10, volcanoes14, wheat14, 1 berry
Slots: autumn03, rabbits19, wildfires15
War: malachite06, yeast09, 1 berry
wheel (orange): autumn18, winter10
Lucky Match: blackbears07, deadsea15, jellyfish14, swamps12, 1 berry
Guess: glassbeaches01, sundews06, 1 berry
Freebies: peaches11, pollen01, rain19, 1 earth orb, 2 berries
Jigsaw: dandelions10, peaches20, 1 earth orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: cacti09, garnet16, grandcanyon15, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: cardinals11, flamingoes20, 1 berry, 1 large star
Smudged: diamond14, winter07, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Inkblot: fog13, kittens13, spiderwebs07, 2 berries, 1 large star
Mermaid (not Orla): dolphins17, grandcanyon19, hummingbirds14, 1 berry
Mermaid (not Orla): bamboo03, lavender18, sakura02, 1 berry
Avatar: clover20, conifercones03, horses11, sakura02, 1 air orb, 1 fire orb
the feud: tanzanite15, snowdrops20, stars14, flamingoes03, earth13, air orb
weekly staff pay: conifercones06, diamond12, grandcanyon11, nebulae17, snowflakes09
Cathy: tomatoes16, sujini00 for beaches16, cathy00 (2 stamps, 19/25)
Gosia: conifercones06, conifercones07 for waves19, aurora03 (2 stamps, 21/25)
Elysa: waterfalls01, waterfalls08, sujini01 for amethyst07, aurora18, elysa01 (3 stamps, 24/25)

13 July
Group Collect: bamboo05, kunzite20, ametrine11, tigers02, amber05, islands02
Group Collect: donated grandcanyon03, grandcanyon11
RedRarebit: peridot10, roses15, roses20, sujini01 for galaxies07, galaxies10, waves07, redrarebit01 (4 stamps, 3/25)

16 July
15 July: summer05, summer07, emerald04, emerald06, honey05, honey08, lilacs04, lilacs09, moonstone08, moonstone09
Memory: ladybugs12, tomatoes08, 1 berry
Hangman: moss16, sundews05, tanzanite14, 1 berry
Slots: hydrangeas03, nebulae20, rhodochrosite20
War: gold12, spiderwebs15, 1 berry
wheel (green): diatoms08, eclipses18, jellyfish07
Lucky Match: carnelian20, daisies06, spiderwebs11, wheat17, 1 berry
Guess: dawn05, dawn20, 1 berry
Freebies: jaguars08, snowflakes12, summer08, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: lakes04, rainbows13, rainbows17, 2 berries, 1 large star
Science: daisies10, doves12, wheat11, 1 berry, 1 small star
Fact: dragonflies01, ponies20, wisteria07, 1 berry, 1 small star
Microscope: autumn14, bamboo19, horses13, 1 fire orb, 1 berry
Gemology: antarctica15, cocoa12, snowflakes07, 1 air orb, 1 berry
doubles exchange: cacti09, daisies10, diamond12, flamingoes03, jellyfish07, jellyfish14, ladybugs12, peaches11, peaches20, pearls04, sakura02, wheat11, wheat14 for clover19, doves19, earth14, saturn07, seadragons16, snowflakes08, tomatoes14, wildfires19, bamboo02, blackbears12, conifercones18, daisies12, grackles01
weekly staff pay: lilacs17, pansies02, sakura15, snow20, snow20
Natural Wonders Shop (- 75 berries)
Star Charts: Cygnus, Perseus, Scorpius
Card Pack: daisies01, seadragons18, oceans10, summer12, gold10, snow04, tigerlilies18, peaches08, arctichills04, winter19, eclipses16, ladybugs20
Crissy: autumn18, daisies05, daisies10, daisies19, hedgehogs19, rain16, rain19, sujini00 for oceans17, amethyst06, beaches12, galaxies09, waves02, deadsea09, snowflakes20, crissy00 (8 stamps, 11/25)
RedRarebit: honey05, ametrine02, ametrine17 for beaches06, stars09, stars13 (3 stamps, 14/25)

22 July
21 July: bluenilefalls06, comets06, comets09, fossils08, icebergs03, icebergs08, rosequartz02, rosequartz06, mercury10, mercury17
Memory: lavender19, snowdrops10, 1 berry
Hangman: clouds02, peaches10, tigers09, 1 berry
Slots: autumn17, icebergs13, mercury16
wheel (violet): 1 large star, 1 medium star, 1 small star
Lucky Match: aurora17, cacti03, dolphins13, icebergs10, 1 berry
Guess: daisies15, snow01, 1 berry
Freebies: hummingbirds06, pearls02, winter12, 1 air orb, 2 berries
Jigsaw: beaches01, yosemite14, 1 air orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: carnelian04, lavender01, octopuses11, 1 earth orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: cardinals05, puppies07, 1 berry, 1 small star
weekly staff pay: arctichills18, diamond04, fluorite12, orchids07, polarbears15
Whitney: llamas20, monarchs06, sujini00 for aurora08, beaches02, whitney00 (3 stamps, 17/25)
Danielle: peaches20, sujini00 for summer16, danielle00 (2 stamps, 19/25)

24 July
Star Charts (cygnus, - 1 large star, 4 medium stars, 2 small stars): oceans03, oceans05, 1 water orb, 1 fire orb
Star Charts (perseus, - 2 large stars, 1 medium star, 3 small stars): oceans15, oceans18
Gosia: conifercones18, deadsea17, lilacs17 for galaxies18, beaches19, waves13 (3 stamps, 22/25)

27 July
Group Collect: tigerlilies19, bleedinghearts09, fog07, meadows03, doves06, clover20
Group Collect: donated ruby14

29 July
level up (mercury): beaches03, beaches04, beaches05, ruby06, puppies09, ladybugs17, yeast04, eggs16, fluorite18, ponies02, fire, water, fire
level up (tin): beaches13, beaches14, beaches20, cardinals11, rosequartz01, lavender07, lilacs17, waterfalls08, amazons20, snow07, fire, earth, earth
27 July: eggs07, sapphire03, sapphire20, storms07, storms08
Memory: daisies07, greenjade07, 1 berry
Hangman: glassbeaches20, octopuses17, orchids09, 1 berry
Slots: cocoa20, grackles09, lavender05
War: rainbows01, sunshine12, 1 berry
wheel (blue): 5 berries
Lucky Match: forests14, pufferfish14, rhodochrosite12, tomatoes20, 1 berry
Guess: snowdrops01, swamps10, 1 berry
Freebies: bats05, forests20, oceans16, 1 water orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: callalilies06, clover20, nileriver12, 2 berries, 1 small star
Science: bleedinghearts20, kittens04, sunflowers06, 1 berry, 1 small star
Fact: eggs03, grackles04, spring19, 1 berry, 1 small star
Microscope: arctichills03, garnet19, tigers05, 1 water orb, 1 berry
Gemology: daisies16, pollen04, rhodochrosite17, 1 fire orb, 1 berry
doubles exchange: bleedinghearts20, cardinals11, clover20, clover20, rhodochrosite17, swamps10, tigers05 for clouds16, eclipses06, eggs11, gold05, mangoes13, monarchs11, fossils02
weekly staff pay: beaches08, blackbears03, galaxies16, grandcanyon12, owls12
Group Collect: donated ruby06

August 2013

6 August
3 August: bromeliads11, topaz07, topaz11, mists18, mists19
Memory: jupiter10, kunzite10, 1 berry
Hangman: doves03, hedgehogs20, honey19, 1 berry
Slots: bleedinghearts20, diamond11, waves05
War: lilacs12, llamas19, 1 berry
wheel (blue): 5 berries
Guess: bluenilefalls07, cacti07, 1 berry
Freebies: ametrine12, malachite10, moss06, 1 water orb, 2 berries
Jigsaw: clouds13, peridot03, 1 water orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: emerald09, orchids05, orchids15, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: cardinals12, pufferfish02, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Smudged: pearls14, pollen06, 1 berry, 1 small star
Inkblot: bluenilefalls13, grackles13, jaguars08, 2 berries, 1 small star
Mermaid (not Orla): meadows18, summer02, tanzanite20, 1 berry
Mermaid (Orla): icebergs05, llamas09, rain16, 5 berries, 1 small star
Mermaid (not Orla): dragonflies07, honey03, sundews01, 1 berry
Icontest (Second place): 3 choice coupons
Avatar: antarctica05, flamingoes19, jellyfish15, tigerlilies12, 2 earth orbs
the feud: autumn09, deserts13, puppies16, diatoms07, cardinals14, earth orb
doubles exchange: bleedinghearts20, diatoms07, jaguars08, ladybugs10 for autumn19, cheetahs05, forests05, glassbeaches18
weekly staff pay: aurora13, fog18, hibiscuses18, ladybugs10, moonstone20
Hotaru: ladybugs20, saturn07, sujini00 for snowflakes10, summer17, hotaru00 (3 stamps, 25/25)
Catherine: antarctica08, antarctica09, autumn03, autumn14, autumn17, bamboo05, bamboo18, bamboo19, earth13, sujini00 for aurora12, summer18, caves08, comets10, kittens10, kittens16, sapphire04, oceans16, waves08 (10 stamps, 10/25)

15 August
mastered (oceans): beaches07, aurora04, wildfires03, flamingoes16, air orb
mastered (beaches): aurora05, aurora06, baldeagles07, dolphins14, fire orb
14 August: citrine05, citrine08, weepingwillows08, neptune11, neptune19
Memory: cardinals05, jaguars16, 1 berry
Hangman: cheetahs01, forests11, wolves18, 1 berry
Slots: conifercones16, dragonflies16, lakes13
wheel (blue): 5 berries
Lucky Match: amethyst04, ametrine08, garnet12, rain09, 1 berry
Guess: caves13, gold03, 1 berry
Freebies: hedgehogs16, pollen18, topaz19, 1 air orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: cocoa10, moonstone13, waterfalls11, 2 berries, 1 medium star
Science: autumn15, diamond19, wildmushrooms10, 1 berry, 1 small star
Fact: flamingoes01, topaz11, twilight20, 1 berry, 1 large star
Microscope: orchids20, rosequartz15, yosemite10, 1 earth orb, 1 berry
Gemology: fossils07, polarbears19, rainbows13, 1 earth orb, 1 berry
doubles exchange: cardinals05, topaz11, tanzanite12 for aquamarine07, caves11, cardinals03
weekly staff pay: flamingoes08, icebergs12, kittens17, kunzite17, lilacs20
Group collect: tanzanite12, nileriver09, pigs11, dustmites07, pollen13, saturn11
Group Collect: donated amazons20
Respond to post: 1 choice coupon
Maxanda: eclipses10, eclipses16, eclipses18, garnet06, snowflakes12, sujini00 for oceans04, oceans16, oceans20, amethyst11, galaxies13, maxanda00 (6 stamps, 16/25)
Lauchis: clouds13, malachite15, mercury10, octopuses11, rosequartz02, lauchis01 for oceans11, stars05, galaxies01, galaxies14, summer09, sujini01 (6 stamps, 22/25)
Lethe: antarctica05, sujini01 for summer06, lethe01 (2 stamps, 24/25)
RedRarebit: diamond14, diamond19, greenjade12, greenjade15, greenjade20, emerald04, emerald09, sujini02 for kittens20, meadows07, mists10, rainbows18, sunshine15, winter13, sunshine08, redrarebit02 (8 stamps, 7/25)

15 August
Elemental Exchange (- 4 air, 8 earth, 8 fire orbs): amethyst16, amethyst17, aurora09, aurora10, aurora14
Lollie: dandelions06, gold12, moss06, sujini00 for aurora20, dandelions20, snowflakes16, lollie00 (4 stamps, 11/25)

19 August
Shawnna: autumn06, autumn07, autumn09, autumn19, bleedinghearts11, bleedinghearts12, sujini00 for comets04, comets16, comets20, galaxies15, galaxies20, stars02, shawnna00 (7 stamps, 18/25)
Meg: jupiter02, jupiter10, mars10, sujini01 for snowflakes04, summer10, summer13, meg01 (4 stamps, 22/25)
Pixeluna: lilacs04, lilacs09, lilacs17, sujini00 for snowflakes19, waves06, waves18, pixeluna00 (4 stamps, 1/25)

21 August
17 August: seashells14, seashells17, strawberries07, strawberries10, goldfish08
Memory: callalilies05, storms13, 1 berry
Hangman: beaches01, blackbears11, peridot03, 1 berry
Slots: conifercones07, jaguars08, seashells15
wheel (orange): hedgehogs13, tigers05
Guess: meadows19, roses11, 1 berry
Freebies: bluenilefalls01, clover17, malachite17, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Jigsaw: doves04, puppies11, 1 fire orb, 2 berries
Stargazing: beaches18, pigs09, ruby16, 1 earth orb, 2 berries
Weatherman: mangoes18, strawberries11, 1 berry, 1 large star
Smudged: grackles19, octopuses15, 1 berry, 1 medium star
Inkblot: citrine02, deadsea19, kittens19, 2 berries, 1 small star
doubles exchange: clover17, jaguars08, peridot03, puppies11, tigers05, dragonflies01, llamas19 for apples15, earth01, elephants17, malachite05, peaches12
weekly staff pay: grackles14, lilacs02, mangoes20, meadows20, nebulae14
Natural Wonders Shop (- 80 berries)
Star Charts: Lynx
Stars: 5 medium stars
Card Pack: tigerlilies13, rosequartz18, moss08, fluorite09, dragonflies01, forests16, fog20, garnet13, caves06, llamas19, kittens17, volcanoes20, deserts06, dustmites12

25 August
24 August: sunsets07, sunsets08, silver06, silver07, blackberries08
Memory: lilacs20, spring11, 1 berry
Hangman: blackberries14, neptune11, waves05, 1 berry
Slots: forests01, horses20, waterfalls18
War: dandelions03, peridot03, 1 berry
wheel (orange): seashells17, viruses13
Lucky Match: neptune19, ponies14, roses16, sunsets16, 1 berry
Guess: conifercones11, sunshine19, 1 berry
Freebies: diamond06, emerald10, mounteverest19, 1 air orb, 2 berries
Puzzle: earth10, icicles01, kittens13, 2 berries, 1 medium star
Science: deadsea10, glassbeaches06, volcanoes02, 1 berry, 1 large star
Fact: garnet02, malachite03, spiderwebs12, 1 berry, 1 large star
Microscope: bamboo12, flamingoes13, fluorite18, 1 earth orb, 1 berry
Gemology: citrine07, silver11, tigers13, 1 water orb, 1 berry
doubles exchange: bamboo12, fluorite18, lilacs20, peridot03, waves05 for fossils05, hummingbirds09, jupiter15, poisondartfrogs13, roses01
weekly staff pay: kittens10, kittens14, lightning12, nileriver03, roses08
Group Collect: waterfalls19, cardinals08, apples13
Group Collect: donated autumn13, autumn15

28 August
Ash: cheetahs05, horses11, horses13, horses20, ponies20 for fog05, snowflakes13, sunsets04, sunsets13, sunsets19 (5 stamps, 6/25)


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