Activity Log

11 October
- Pile of Leaves: bleedinghearts10, caves06

03 October
- Traded Crows Collection: my swans05, swans09 for cherryblossoms10, japan12, chimpanzees08, waterfalls07

02 October
- Pile of Leaves: moon06, salardeuyuni06

01 October
- Update (28 Sep): salardeuyuni12, salardeuyuni13, amazonrainforest06, amazonrainforest08, garnet07, garnet08, summer05, summer06, cherryblossoms14, poppies10, nebulae14, galaxies08, dalmatians01, poppies12, stars10, salardeuyuni05, amazonrainforest12, garnet06, summer07, appaloosahorse08, chihuahuas08, chimpanzees08, aloevera07
- Forum Freebies: amethyst01, moon15, caves04, beaches01, aurorae01, blackcats01, clouds01, japan02
- Monkey Memory: deadsea13, elephants11, flamingos14, teal
- War: amethyst04, blackcats07, pink
- Wish: rubies04, lavender09, hibiscus02
- Big Dipper Puzzle: ducks06, rain01, doves04
- Scrambled: sloths04, chihuahuas05, rainbows03, blue
- Rainbow Wheel (Orange): copper06, volcanoes07
- Tic-Tac-Tiger: stars15, bluewhales08, nebulae13, dachshunds02, orange
- Scrambled: copper01, tanzanite08, caves14, purple
- Season Slots: ametrine03, aurorae10, tulips01, teal
- How Many Flamingos: jellyfish02, pearls02, hydrangeas07
- Little Dipper Puzzle: elephants14, clouds11, orange
- Flower Pick (Lavender): rain11, jellyfish11, dalmatians13, dahlias02, caves11, blue
- Lucky 21: swans14, cherryblossoms04, teal
- Mother Nature's Freebies: dachshunds10, hibiscus06, amazonrainforest05, lavender07

22 September
- Crows Collection: doves01 for beaches09, pandas15
- Grand Opening Freebies!: stars05, stars14, rainbows02, choiceearthland

30 August
- Rodeo Round Up: stars15, cherryblossoms12
- Member Survey: pearls10, volcanoes02, waterfalls08, redroses12, flamingos13, japan05
- Deck Suggestions: clouds12, rain08, stars15, ducks13, bleedinghearts15
- Mother Nature's Freebies (for puzzle): sandstorms07, amethyst04, winter14, rain06
- Mother Nature's Freebies (for card puzzle): cherryblossoms05, volcanoes06, philippines11, pembrokewelshcorgi07
- Rainbow Wheel (Yellow): sloths12, sloths03, emerald13, choice card
- Watery Card: pandas06, swans09, waves01, pink
- Tic-Tac-Tiger: redroses13, sloths09, koalabears07, emerald15, blue
- Lottery: doves09, redpandas06
- Season Slots: doves03, volcanoes11, clouds07, teal
- How Many Flamingos: amethyst07, sharks06, ducks05
- Flower Pick (Lavender): sandstorms05, sandstorms08, waves01, swans10, rosequartz13, pink
- Lucky 21: icicles02, deadsea12, teal
- Mother Nature's Freebies: stars04, rosequartz08, doves03, lightning12

24 August
- Welcome Freebies (Forum): lightning10, koalabears06, nebulae12, beaches13, beaches08

23 August
- Season Slots: cherryblossoms07, doves02, swans05, pink
- How Many Flamingos: beaches15, clouds09, doves01
- Flower Pick (Lavender): lightning14, elephants11, jellyfish06, bamboo11, bamboo14, blue
- Lucky 21: cherryblossoms12, bleedinghearts05, pink
- Mother Nature's Freebies: polarbears10, pearls12, waterfalls15, nebulae06

20 August
- Starter Pack: beaches10, beaches02, sandstorms10, emerald05, rain04, nebulae01, volcanoes14



Trade Log

22 September
- Traded Rahenna: my emerald05, rosequartz08, rosequartz13 for clouds04, rain05, lightning01

14 September
- Traded Nox: my cherryblossoms05, cherryblossoms07, cherryblossoms12 for clouds15, deadsea09, winter05


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