Is She Back Yet?!

5 September 2016: Sooo... I've decided to come back again! (This is a terrible cycle that keeps happening every [other] year o_O) Mainly because I keep seeing BLΛƆKPIИK's "Whistle" on YouTube and it is rather catchy. Plus, I really like lisa :x So I really want to collect their decks on Dilly Dally XD Meanwhile, I need to go through my mail which has like, 2000+ new mails since I haven't checked it in 10 months D: Will be working out some kinks and removing dead TCGs over the next few weeks. I'm so glad to be back! ^^;

Hello There

Welcome to Hello Love, Sujini's trade post (:

This is a revamped site as my old one was hacked and I lost everything (especially my logs) and the backups of the server could not recover anything ); However, I still have all my cards in my computer for the old TCGs that are still around. So if the owners could be kind enough to warrant me a comeback from my long hiatus, I would be most grateful ^_^

I am listed as Sujini on all TCGs (:
If my logs reflect a day later, it is because I live in a different timezone than most traders/TCGs (GMT + 0800).


28 September 2015: I'm somewhat on a hiatus for most TCGs. If you've noticed, I haven't been playing most TCGs (aside from Colors) but have been returning trade requests (aside from Tones). Reason being: I moved homes and everything have been in a major mess! Not to mention I've also just adopted a cat so I'm still learning the ropes on cat-care (first time cat owner :x) I will still be replying to trades but will take a few days to slightly more than a week as compared to my usually fast response. So sorry about that! If I seem to be unresponsive on a certain TCG, it's only because I tend to update post/trades one TCG at a time. Apologies in advance for the inconvenience >.<

2 June 2015: After 18 months of hiatus due to internet trouble, RL issues and the deviation of interest, I am hoping to come back. Much love to the wonderful trading buddies who are still around and have me listed *wipes a tear* I will be e-mailing you guys in a week or two once I settle my trade post and organize my e-mail (which has been spammed badly due to my absence :o)

12 January 2014: I've moved hosts and am now proudly hosted by BigScoots. Meanwhile, I'm getting a little bit more active thanks to eTCG on the ease of updating my cards ^^; But I'm still an old-school trader at heart and can't bear to switch ALL to eTCG :x Quit a few TCGs and I know I should just cut down to those that I really love but... I can't bear to XD I'm most eager for MissingNO to return! Anyway, have a great 2014 all~

11 September 2013: Oh man, I'm so busy I haven't been able to update my trade post nor respond to trade requests especially over the past week D: I'll be putting most of them on trading hiatus, which means you can request for trades but you'll have to be patient and give me about 2 weeks to get back to you. Currently I'm going through my backlogged e-mails to get to all other trades. Hoping the weekend would be productive :/ I'm so sorry!

3 September 2013: I've moved some TCGs around and putting a few on hiatus. I want to put a few more in a category lower than super active but am a little hesitant because I don't want to turn away traders who think I'll take forever to reply to trades :3 Am actually a little afraid of what would happen if I still don't pull myself away from the computer. I reeeally need to focus on getting some RL stuff sorted out >_<

9 August 2013: I'll most likely be super busy in RL come October and I need to start preparations now. I've put some TCGs on semi-active that I will update once every 2-3 weeks. Response for trades in these TCGs will take a couple of days longer but no more than a week. Trading buddies will not be affected by this slight change. If the time comes, I will list myself on hiatus at the TCGs and will make a quick post over here. If I ever disappear suddenly without notice, it's most likely I'm dead. Or have no access to my computer or internet ;p

On Trading

I love trading and will usually respond within the day or at most, a week. Please use my trade form or e-mail me with the following (Subject: TCG Name Trade):

  1. Name:
  2. Trade post URL:
  3. Cards you'd like:
  4. Your offer:
  5. Trading member cards?

I'm pretty much an old-school trader (as you can tell, I manually maintain my trade post) and will tend to send the cards over e-mail even if you're using an automated script ^^;

Trading Buddies

    ☆ Chives
    ☆ Jules
    ☆ Lex
    ☆ Meg
    ☆ Sarah

    ☆ Arisa
    ☆ Marge

Dear Trading Buddies
Please don't feel restricted to my notes in my Future Keeps and Might Trade sections. You're my buddies and I'd love to help in your collection and masteries ♥♥♥


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